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Kos 040t

The greek island Kos is not large particularly. From one end to the other it is about 42 km. But there is enough to discover. The objects of interest are described in each travel guide.


 Das aktuelle Wetter :


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shopping old town

The old part of town is a shoppingparadies. Leather articles and decoration you can buy everywhere.



Urgently to recommend is to rent a car. Most hotels are in the proximity of Kos city. There the beaches are however narrowly, stoney and very full. Not to think of Nudism. Either you drive 12 km to Tigaki and then turn left...


topless am Strand

... much better however, you drives toward the south. Behind the airport there are many sandy beaches. There are not many people and you need no clothes at all..

Nackt in einsamen Buchten

Oben Ohne am Strand

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Unfortunately I had pitch with the weather. From 7 days I had 5 rainy days. April is simply still too early, in order to get steady weather.

Nackt am Strand

I was on the "Magic Beach" except me there was nobody else ! The whole bay alone only for me. If the cold wind would not been, I could left the dress direct in the car. This is perfect for the real nudist. I don´t know how ist is in the high season


Kos 040t

Kos 041t

Kos 039t

... however in different information it is to be read that in the south the whole year over nudism can be practices . Otherwise you must be careful in Greece with nudity. The straight older people have a problem therewith. You should always consider that.

Kos 043t

at these purged house I enjoyed the few sun hours.


Kos 044t


Kos 048t

Kos 050t

No fear, I don´t become a textile lover. I had carried forward and wanted my golden bikini for the pool him at least times for the photo to attract...

Kos 051t

Kos 056t

Kos 049t

Kos 055t

Kos 053t

Kosbild 21t

Hafenpromenade von Kos

Kosbild 9t

Kos 069t

Kos 058t

.On an old landing stage I tried to become particularly fast brown. I took the bikini off fast again. I cannot use stripes....

Kos 059t

Kosbild 10t

Kosbild 6t

Kosbild 19t

Kosbild 3t

Kosbild 4t

On the last day a bottle of wine on the beach, it warms up rom the inside.

Finally you can say that Kos for nudists is conditionally suitable. At lonely beaches you can let fall all coverings. There is not a total nudist vacation without clothes possible however. Furthermore you must be mobile, in order to achieve the lonely places. Finally you should select the season very well. In the spring time you can experience weather surprises.

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